We're looking for a creative, confident, hardworking and quick-learner person for the project based Internship.
You will be getting Internship experience certificate, letter of recommendation and may be a direct placement offer.
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In this role, you’ll be helping the organization to in several stages of the project design, development, and execution.

You'll be part of our project team and work closely with the other project members.

You'll be responsible for strategic planning and execution of the projects assigned to you and helping other team members to achieve the project goal in a timely manner. Moreover, You will be reporting the progress of the project at each stage to the top management.

Do you have the ability to communicate effectively in English language and have a basic knowledge of the USA consumer behaviour? Are you familiar with the 360° project management? Can you complete the assigned task without error in a timely manner? Are your passionate about the marketing/ management? Are you always looking for perfection?  
Please note that the stipend will be paid in lump sum amount based on the performance at the end of 3/6 months Internship.
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Now, please read the following statement:

"Finding the "Aha!" moment on the business journey is the first and most important job of an Intern"

What do you think of it?

Can you tell us more, why do you think so?

In the context of your previous answer.
Which project have you done that you're most proud of?

This is your chance to wow us. Don't waste it!
Now, some quick reasoning test questions...

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Two students took an exam.
One of them achieved 9 marks more than the other and his marks were 56% of the sum of both of their marks.

What marks did they obtain? *

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Agnes, Pedro, Robert, Xavi, Santi and David are sitting in a row. Santi and David are in the centre. Agnes and Pedro are at the ends. Robert is sitting to the left of Agnes.

Who is to the right of Pedro? *

What makes you want to work at Orchidkart, {{answer_dbxFoceEVGU9}}?

Finally, although it is lump sum stipend Internship, however, what is your stipend expectation?

Numbers only please. (per month)
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